Session events not opening in designer (8.1)

There is an issue with opening the session events menu from the Designer, and we are unsure how to solve the issue. Two methods were tested to see if the events open up (1. From Project->Session Events button located on the navigation bar, and 2. From Perspective->Session Events located on the Project Browser). Neither option works, and we are unable to open and edit any session events. Please provide any tips or troubleshooting methods to help us resolve the issue.

You might need support looking over your shoulder.

I would echo the suggestion to contact support.
There’s likely an error in the designer logs that will help indicate what’s going wrong.

Thank you for the suggestion @pturmel and @PGriffith, I checked the Designer Logs, nothing seems out of the ordinary, only info logs of when I started the session and for internal database messages. I have created a support request, seems more appropriate. Thank you!