{session.props.auth.user.userName} NULL in browser (Ignition Perspective)

I am currently encountering an issue while attempting to retrieve data from the username to generate a panel. Although the process appears to function correctly in Perspective View, an something happens when inspecting the browser, as it displays a null value.

On Perspective:

On Edge(Browser):


Do you mean "in Designer preview"?

Is the user logged in on the browser? (Do you have a login page?)

Yes, i do have a login page

That answered the third question. What about the first and second?

Yes, it only works at the designer preview, and i have a login page

Is the user on the browser logged it? (Are you making them log in?)

Probably not. It seems that my login credentials are only functional for Ignition and Designer. I appreciate your assistance in resolving this. Thank you.