Session.props.locale in perspective

Hi, I am trying to translate my project with the translation Manager in perspective.
What are the correct values for session.props.locale to display other languages? in french (FR-ca or french or français)?
Also is there a way to set the language inside the app? Why there is no component in perspective like in vision to switch the language? Is the session need to be reset to get effective? Do I have to change all text values by a #hashtag key to get it work?

The identifier should be a shortcode, so FR, FR-ca; not a full language name. Unlike Java, the frontend requires hyphens, rather than underscores.

Yes, just write a new value to session.props.locale - that’s it.

Because it hasn’t been implemented yet. When it does, it’s just going to be a dropdown component, with seeded options, that writes back to session.props.locale; it’s easy enough to create your own that it hasn’t been the highest priority for us to create.

No. Changing the locale will immediately update most text that’s visible in the session.

No. But the translation system will only change visible values on components, without affecting underlying data. If you need to translate other text, you can also use the translate() expression function in Perspective (which will automatically update translations when you change session.props.locale, or you can use the system.util.translate() scripting function.

Hi, Why the MenuTree and Emebeded views are not translating ? Only labels at first layer translated.