Session variables dissapering

I have a session prop/object with properties: session.custom.user_settings.start_date, session.custom.user_settings.end_date …
when I quit and re-run to the designer I lose all properties under user_settings object. These properties disappear. The Front-End continues to work as usual. However, I have to rewrite the properties of my object to be able to reach them again in the designer. Several named Queries are using these session user_settings and this problem crash queries in the designer. I have to manually re-enter these properties to avoid a crash in each session start.

Do I have to put all the session customs on the first level?

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No, you shouldn’t. Are there bindings on these properties? If you right click them, are they set to ‘Persistent’?

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Hi, these properties are set onStart session and replaced by datepickers later by the user. I tried the ‘persistent’ checkbox. It seems to work fine. Thanks for the quick reply!


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@PGriffith I have also experienced this issue. Should it matter whether they are set to persistent or not? That property pertains to how the value itself evaluates and not the existence of the specific property itself. Not only have i experienced it for session properties but also parameters created on an embedded view. Can you please elaborate your reasoning for the above answer as well as any known caused for this issue. Thanks


Hi, we are also randomly get this problem. Both on session customs properties as view customs properties.
If the property that disappeared was bound, you just have to recreate the property and the reappears as well.
This problem dates since version 8.04 and seems not to have been fixed.
When looking at the json files during a problem, it appears that the property declaration is not present while the binding is present.

here, an exemple of the trouble with ‘myCustom

Thanks for your help

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I’m still experiencing this problem in 8.1.15. Is there any ideas as to what might be actually happening, and how we can avoid?
I originally though it might have something to do with when the designer syncs with the gateway, if another user is in the same project and things get messed up during sync.

I can confirm that adding the property back with the exact same name seems to bring back the bindings too.

Even adding another random property to the same scope usually brings back the ‘missing’ property for me.