Sessions Exceeded but Only One User

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I've got a customer running into an issue where they're suddenly being told "Sessions Exceeded " on Chrome for Perspective 8.1.18 even though there is only one user that is ever logged in. Checking the "Perspective Sessions" in Status shows 2 sessions open, both with the same user. Even so, this shouldn't be anywhere near the limit of allowed open sessions. Any advice would be appreciated!

Sounds like Ignition Edge. Only one client is permitted.

That's what I thought at first too, but they've got the standard version of Ignition.

It seems like if we wait for long enough, eventually the sessions will close and then they can log in again. But I don't know the reasons behind:

  1. The indication of multiple sessions when only one is active
  2. Why multiple sessions are an issue with the standard version of ignition and
  3. Why after about 10-15 minutes the extra sessions will just disappear and allow the user to log in again

I would suggest that you call in to support. Perhaps they have some type of License which doesn't allow this ( :man_shrugging:t2:)

Also, might just verify that there isn't some type of shutdown script that is running.

You'll definitely need to call support or sales. Ignition is seeing a limit on the number of sessions in the license, and that's something we'd need to fix on our end if it's an error.

You can definitely buy a single-seat license for Perspective for use with a full Ignition install.


What Phil said.

There are customers who have negotiated special licenses with special restrictions, so Ignition just believes whatever restriction is on the license. The error coming up is triggered when Ignition sees a restriction on the number of allowed sessions (for any reason) and that limit is exceeded. Going to require calling IA.

{ No negotiation needed. The option is right there on the pricing page. }

Thank you all for your replies,

It looks like their license limits them to 2 sessions, which explains the "Sessions Exceeded" when the user was trying to get back in. Unfortunately, it doesn't explain where those extra sessions are coming from in the first place or why they eventually disappear. For the latter I'd think it was because it was hitting the Session Timeout, but that value is set to 36,000 seconds (10 hours) and the sessions are going away after about a half hour or so.

I'll definitely call IA support on this one, as suggested! Too bad it's not necessarily looking like a quick fix.

FYI we've found this common on limited session licenses. It takes a bit for sessions to clear. If you close and immediately reopen while at session limit, you'll often see this. Waiting a minute or two typically resolves it. You can also terminate sessions from gateway interface, if needed:

You can also use the gateway interface shown above to see what sessions are active and where they came from (address & user).

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