Sessions Exceeded when closing and re-launching session quickly

I have just activated my license, which gives me a single Perspective session. This is a standalone machine, controlled with an iPad, so a single session is all I’ll ever need. However, now that I’m not running in trial mode, the single session limit is enforced.

If I close and then attempt to re-open the application using the Ignition app, I get a “Sessions Exceeded” message. The only way around it is to wait for a period of time and retry. I’m not sure yet exactly how long - it’s not a huge length of time - but definitely long enough to be annoying for a user. We all know what operators are like - they’ll mash the screen as fast as possible and give it no chance to time out, and then when they give up and call maintenance, it will of course have timed out and be working by the time they arrive :wink:

The default session timeout is 120 seconds, you can change that in Project Properties -> Perspective -> General. It’s that way to work around mobile users losing connection. However, if you make it too short, like 5 seconds, the tabbing away or losing network for that long will kill your session entirely. If it’s just a monitoring screen, it might not be so bad, but if you have to log in every time…

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Session Timeout is a balancing act, as timeouts which are too long would impact users within your use-case, while making it too short would render users within warehouses with spotty wifi unable to maintain their session as they move from aisle to aisle.

There are open tickets to change how we force Sessions to close, which would allow a Session logout event to immediately terminate the session, but we’re still working on items like that.

For now, you should probably trim your default timeout to something like ten to twenty seconds. Anything less than that and you’re getting into potentially frustrating territory.

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Thanks - sounds link this tweak will fix my issue when it rolls out, and in the meantime I’ll just have to teach the operators to be patient :slight_smile:

Has there been any updates on this?

I am having the same issues mentioned above. Set my desktop timeout to 10 seconds and operators are still opening and closing the app too fast…

You’d think that eventually the server would notice that the correct number session are active and exit the session exceeded screen.

However, I am not web expert so this may not be the reality of things.

Easiest way to “resolve” this issue is to launch your app with a batch/bash script with a delay.
I also Echo some fake loading messages to tell the operators that something is happening,

Is there any intentions of adding a ‘force close’ session from the gateway status screen. I think it would be handy to have the ability to do so from the Status/Connections/Perspective Sessions page.

We do have an open feature for that (IGN-2827). See here: [IGN-2827]Can You Terminate A Perspective Session from The Gateway?