[IGN-2827]Can You Terminate A Perspective Session from The Gateway?

Is it possible to stop a perspective session from the Ignition gateway. Because the Edge perspective module only allows one extra remote session, the customer is concerned someone will accidentally leave the application running and lock out other remote viewing. Any gateway functionality to solve this?

There is no avenue for terminating a Perspective Session from the Gateway at this time, although we do have an open feature request to provide that option.

HI @cmallonee,

Is there any update about that?


No update. The internal ticket is still waiting to be worked on.

One way is restarting module.

Maybe you could set a session expiration based on an inactivity timer ?

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This feature would be very usefull when trying t understand which Perspective session is using too much CPU…
We need this flexibility.

I’ve noted more interest in the issue on the internal ticket.


We’re running a project with limited perspective session licenses. It would be beneficial to have a method of disconnecting unused sessions on remote computers as an administrator so that we can free up licenses for use by others. Either a “disconnect session” or a session timeout parameter on projects would be pretty useful.



Aha, thanks!