Set a default reason for the short Downtime

I’m working to implement the Downtime module to a production line that generate a lot of short downtime. We know the reason of these downtimes but we don’t have any sensor to detect it.
We know that when a short downtime occure, it’s for this specific reason.

Well, is it possible to automatically set all the short downtime reason to a specific reason?
or is there a short downtime default reason setting somewhere in Ignition?

Thank you


Hi Arnaud,
Events can be changed via the downtime table, but, there is no automatic translation available.

Downtime events are recorded as per the code that is received. If it is coming directly from PLC tag you could create a memory tag that has an expression based on the PLC code and is set to an appropriate code for a short event. But this approach only works if you can determine the event type (e.g. a short event) in the expression.

I am assuming you have the short downtime duration set on the production model so that the downtime event will record if it is short or long.
You can filter the downtime table component to display just short, long or both downtime types. The downtime table will also allow you to color map the table rows based on event duration.
You can also filter the analysis results by downtime type.