Set Background color to cell and row in same table in perspective

I want to set background color to cell and row depending on different conditions of column value in same table.
I know how to do it separately for cells or rows but for same table it is little bit confusing for me.
How can I achieve this.
Any idea?
Thanks in advance.

There have been posts about this before:
you have to adjust the data input with a transform script

Thank you, will try this.

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Thanks a lot, it worked as expected.
but After doing this columns order get changed automatically.
I don’t want to change columns order, I want the same sequence which is at 1st time
I can’t use columns property because I am binding 3 different dataset(with conditions i.e. for production tab>>production Data, Service tag>>Service data, like this) to a single table
Is there any way to avoid sorting or I need to create 3 different table and need to set columns property for that?

no you cant really sort json,
you can also have a binding for the column with the conditions that change the columns order based on the selected tag