Set bit in PLC tag with Indirect Tag

having trouble setting a particular bit in PLC using an indirect tag. Ignition V7.8.1 , Clgx V24

Interlock_Bypass is an INT in the PLC that I have created as a BOOL ARRAY to get access to each bit
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Trying to use SELECTED to toggle specific bit in PLC, but tag write does not make it to PLC. I I force force BITS in PLC, status of SELECTED will follow PLC bit. Appears if the tag is READ ONLY even though Indirect is set to Bi-Directional and tag in PLC is READ/WRITE.
What is the proper way to set an Indirect Bit?
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You are not using an indirect there.
You need to replace the 0 with {1} and then set the property that sets the value for the indirect.
So your address should be



already tried that.

This just popped up, did not see this before, so issue may be with PLC tag

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OK, it is not the PLC as I can write INTEGERS to the BOOL ARRAY tag:

Here I have a duplicate tag pointing to the same INT in the PLC. Set PLC INT to 7 and the first 3 BOOLs SET
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Notice this warning as well after configuring the BOOL as a TAG and try to edit again.

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guess this answer’s my question: … 50&t=15150

currently cannot done be done :open_mouth: