Set boolean when acknowledging alarm in Alarm Status Table


I am wondering if it is possible to set specific boolean when acknowledging alarms from the Alarm Status Table in Perspective?
Commonly in Siemens PLCs due to the way WinCC works alarms and acknowledgement bits are in the same alarm words so a common way to handle alarms is that the HMI/SCADA sets the corresponding Ack bool in the alarm word so that the PLC can acknowledge the alarm locally.

Is there a way to imitate this within Perspective?
We have created the alarms already and verified that they work, but acknowledgement does not seem to be working as the PLC is programmed in a way that it expects an acknowledgement bool to get set on the SCADA to reset the alarm.

I couldn’t see a way to determine whether an alarm got acknowledged from the Alarm Status table or not.
So the workaround would be to create a Table with Alarms from database and add a button that acknowledges the alarms using system.alarm.acknowledge(), and to set the corresponding bool as you mentioned.


I will most likely use this solution then thanks.