Set checkbox True if a data is founded on database


I added a checbox on my View as shown in the images below,

I would like to set True on checkbox if a value is found on a column of my database.

For example, if the CountFileUploaded variable is >0 then checkbox = True
Otherwise, checkbox = false


Instead of just claiming it is solved, could you explain what you did? One of the primary purposes of the forums is to share knowledge and examples, and someone in the future might need to know how you did this.

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here is the script implemented to get the solution

I don’t think you posted the screenshot you expected. The displayed script would ALWAYS evaluate to True, and so is not representative of any column actually containing your value.

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I do a SQl request to search on my database if there is files upload on the table.
if I find a data on the table documents where eevents.eventID =documents.eventID
I set value True

it work for me.
The first script that i sent , I only useded it to get days of next month. i will use that to my schedule