Set default value of a report's dataset parameter to empty

I have a report (using the new report designer) with three dataset parameters. They are not bound to a SQL query because they are set when the window loads. If I don’t set something as the default value of the datasets within the report designer, it fills up the gateway’s console with warning messages. I would like the default value to be an empty dataset so that nothing is accidentally displayed on the screen if it takes a moment for the window to load the data and set the parameters. What is the best way to create an empty dataset?

I tried using the expression language’s toDataSet() function, but it doesn’t like my syntax. What I have gotten to work is creating a Client tag called EmptySet and setting the paramater’s default value to {[Client]EmptySet}. It works, but I would think there must be a better way to do this.

Thank you for any help offered!

Try this expression:runScript('system.dataset.toDataSet([],[])')


I´ve test that expression in 7.9.5 and runs perfect but in 7.8.5 I receive the following message in design section "Error parsing default value expression for parameter “DataIn” – java.lang.NullPointerException

Is there any limitation with this expression in 7.8.5?