Set Expression Bindings Through Scripting

I’m currently in a position where I need to change expression bindings throughout my Vision-based project. There is a very large number of these bindings, and they’re not identical, so I can’t just do a simple find and replace (and manually changing them, even using the find tool, will still be a massive amount of effort). If I could write a script to go through the project and conditionally update the bindings, it would save me a lot of time - I haven’t seen anything to suggest this is possible, though. Does anyone know a way to do something like this?

You can achieve this using system.tag.addTag()

Manual Page:

Snippet from the manual page regarding creating a tag with an expression:

As you can see from the snippet you’ll specify the expression in the attributes parameter.

If you’re using Ignition 8; I suggest looking into system.tag.configure()

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately I’m actually looking at component bindings (eg background color) rather than tags - I should have been more specific.