Set integer value to the instance of flex repeater

I want to set count for instance of flex repeater but it is not working, It is expecting only array.
Is it possible to do this?

a flex repeater need a list of objects as it seems normal that not every object is the same there needs to be space to put in parameters.

you can write a script in a binding to fill up a list tho

	for x in range(0,value):
		params = {'someParam':x}
	return instances

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Thank you,Its working.

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I am using 8.0.12 version of ignition.
I have created one popup and want to open that by using “system.perspective.openPopup” . I have make showCloseIcon = False still I am getting blank titleBar,I dont want that tiltlebar.
I think this is not working for this version, I want to know in which version it will work?
or suggest If you have any workaround for this issue in same version?

Might need to set it to unmoveable as well

Ok but there no such property like unmovable

It worked, I have set draggable property to false
Thank you

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The repeater adds an automatic “index” parameter. Inside the view you can reference view.params.index