Set IP Camera Viewer Video Mode by Scripting

Is there a way to set the IP Camera Viewer Video Mode property by scripting? I have noticed the property is an int datatype. I have tried setting it to 0 and 1 and can’t seem to get it to change.

setMode() should work - the values are 0 for MJPEG and 1 for JPEG.

Awesome, thanks so much. Is this in the docs somewhere?

Check this out for some more detail on the IP Camera, and other things…

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Perfect, thank you. I had tried searching the Java Docs, but didn’t see anything. Much appreciated!

Yeah, I don’t know if its an IA thing or the underlying javadoc format but I’ve always had a hard time finding things in it. I use a custom search in Chrome using a google site search:

If you add a custom search engine w/ that as the URL, you can search the javadocs pretty easily.

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Javadocs are incredible useful, but incredibly obtuse and hard to use. There’s also some client-side search implementations that I’ve had mixed success with: