Set perspective table checkbox color

Using Perspective 8.1, I have a table column with ‘render’ set to ‘boolean’, and ‘boolean’ set to ‘checkbox’.

How do I control the color used for the checkbox? I’ve tried setting various ‘styles’ for the column (color, fill, stroke, etc.) but none seem to have an effect.


In theory you could supply a targeted CSS rule to target only the checkboxes in the table. Something like this in a custom theme should work - but I haven’t tested this exact code:

.ia_tableComponent[data-component="ia.display.table"] .ia_checkbox__checkedIcon {
    color: #00FF00
.ia_tableComponent[data-component="ia.display.table"] .ia_checkbox__uncheckedIcon {
    color: #FF0000

Note that you’ll need to apply that in a theme - you can’t just apply it via props on the table component directly.

thank you. that worked.

Hi, are there any updates to this? Could the checkbox change color like we can modify the toggle switch?
When toggle is selected, the ‘toggleSwitch’ object appears, but we don’t get this with the CheckBox.

Broken “theme” link