Set up notification alarm 23 hour of the day 1 to 24


I need to set up a pipeline to notify the user between 1 am to 24 pm

our sense will calibrate daily and during calibration, we have no data that why we get a false alarm

I need to set up a thing that tells my pipeline check the hours if it’s between 12 to 1 am don’t send notification

I can’t help much because I don’t have Alarm Pipelines installed on the machine I’m working on at the moment. A couple of tips though: You are mixing 24 hour and AM/PM. If you do that in your project you will have quite a bit of grief. I recommend 01:00 to 00:00 or 23:59:59. Also, punctuate and capitalise properly for ease of reading. You haven’t really explained where you are stuck. Make it easy for your readers!

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Thanks for the reply, I set an alarm that notifies the user, when the alarm is activated then goes to the pipeline and sends the user text and email

The sensor will calibrate one hour at midnight
its daily calibration

By that time, I don’t need to send notifications I want to stop or disable the alarm for that time

Do you have any idea?

You can you an expression or script block as a filter to block notifications for that alarm during the time that you need.

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