Set up text alarm

Hi, just wanted to ask how hard is it to set up a text alarm in ignition?

its not hard. It would be configured like you would an email, but you would be sending it using an email to text feature that cellular providers have.

For instance, I use ATT, so I would setup an email notification going to So its just phone number followed by

Hope this helps

This is getting a lot easier in Ignition 7.6. In that version we have a new SMS module to send out real text messages instead of an email address. The only catch is you have to purchase a SMS gateway with a SIM card that Ignition can send a text message through. We have been using the Sierra Wireless Airlink Raven XE. We should have a beta of this version up soon.

how exactly can i configure it? through an sql tag?

There will also be a module available in the market shortly that lets you send SMS via a Twilio account for both 7.5 and 7.6.

On the SQL Tags, I noticed the ‘Alerting’ option, where is the option on what email address i can send it to?

It is not configured on the tag. You have to create an alert notification profile in the Ignition Gateway configuration area that is in charge of who gets the emails. Check out the user manual page: … cation.htm

ooooh, i see it now. Ok thank you! :thumb_right: