Setpoint Value Resetting Randomly

Have an Ignition 7.9 Vision project. Created a popup window for Filter Valve control. Window had numeric input field (bidirectional) for manual setpoint, along with a fill bar (NOT bidirectional) indicating that value (0-100). If an operator opens up a filter valve, say Filter #11, and changes the setpoint, after the marching ants, both numbers update accordingly. If the window is closed and immediately reopened, the fill bar shows the recently entered value, but the input field shows the last value before it was recently changes (both of these bindings are to the exact same tag). If the screen is left open for a few minutes, both analog number revert back to the original setpoint.

However, if the screen is closed after making the setpoint change, and the same popup window is opened for another filter, say Filter #8, opening up the screen for the original Filter #11 shows the correct newly entered setpoints.

Any thoughts on what could be causing this erratic behavior? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

What are the values of the tags at the source? Do they match the igntiokn display?

They do. Had PLC programmer online (modicon PLC 4X floating point register). Changing setpoint from 58 to 52 reflected correct value in PLC. Closing window and re-opening it, fill bar was showing 52, and setpoint was showing 58. Again, going to another filter popup and returning, values hold the same.