Setting Gateway Name via Script

Is there a way to set a gateway system name via a script?

I want to be able to change the name on an Ignition Edge system without logging into the gateway config page.

Forgive my lack of vision, but I'm having trouble imagining a use case for this. Just out of curiosity, how often would this be done, and if it's a regularly needed thing, why? What problem is solved by changing the gateway system name via scripting? Perhaps somebody in the forum will know an alternate, more conventional approach that could fix the underlying issue.

It'll be done on remote edge systems. I want the gateway name to be the same have as the equipment. And when you load in a backup. It'll be nice to change that quickly via a tag remotely.

When you restore a gateway backup via the gwcmd command-line tool, you have the option to rename the gateway.

Since it is documented, you can expect it to be supported long-term. Any monkeying around with the gateway's internals via script will not be.

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Great to know, @pturmel. There are multiple use cases for this sort of thing. OP wants to name deployments at the edge. I want to streamline and minimize risk for deployments of our Ignition-based product at sites where only gateway and tag provider names need to change from a standard gwbk, and then the rest of the plant is deployed via scripting to populate the tag provider.