Setting property value of a tab strip from button in another window

I have a Tab Strip that I would like to automatically set to a certain Tab when that window is opened via scripting on a button from another window. I am able to accomplish this with a binding to a memory tag, but due to other reasons, I cannot use a tag value to do this. So far, this works with my memory tag, but as stated before, I need to find a way to do this without the tag. Thanks in advance for any help!

window = system.nav.openWindow('Filter Touchscreen Drop Test')
value = u'Filter 7'
system.tag.writeBlocking(['myTag'], [value])

add an input parameter ("tab" for exampel) to your window and use the optional parameters parameter in the openWindow function.

system.nav.openWindow("Window", {"tab":'Filter 7'})

Sheesh, I knew there had to be a way and its even more simple than I thought. I'm still kinda new to Ignition, so I really appreciate your help! Thank you!