Setting tag value from a dictionary

Instructions said to make a new post when I went to add more help I needed on a thread.

I am trying to get a string location from a dictionary to be set as the value for a tag.
I attempted the following in the tag scripting.

temp = system.tag.readBlocking(["[.]../../Equipment_State"])[0]
system.tag.writeBlocking(["[.]Machine1 Error Location"],[temp2])

I am able to write the correct equipment state to the tag using this code below.
I verified this code works:

temp = system.tag.readBlocking(["[.]../../Equipment_State"])[0]
system.tag.writeBlocking(["[.]Machine1 Error Location"],[temp])

I verified in a binding script that the below code works in the binding section of an object on perspective

return value

For some reason though, I can’t get the value from the dictionary to become the value of the tag value.

for reference, here is what I had been working on
Mapping a tag output from 1000 input values - Ignition - Inductive Automation Forum

Your temp variable is not the tag value, but a qualified value object. Those are allowed when writing to tags, which is why your two-line action works. Pass temp.value to your lookup script.

Also take a look at the docs for readBlocking where it describes the return value.