Setting the Mode When Creating Alarms from Python

I am working on creating a script to add an alarm to a tag. I was able to figure out how to do it, but I am running into an issue when trying to set the Mode property for the alarm from the scripting environment.

If you create an alarm in designer with the mode set to “Above Setpoint” and then grab that alarm using the system.tag.getConfiguration method, you get a python dictionary back with the mode property set to “Above Setpoint”. This makes sense, but if you now try to create that alarm from python using the system.tag.configure method while setting the mode property to “Above Setpoint”, you get back a mode property of null.

I eventually noticed in the Python - Interacting with Alarms documentation that they set the mode property to “AboveValue”. When I use “AboveValue” it works in that I no longer get back a null but instead get back “Above Setpoint”. From that you can easily guess that you can get the “Below Setpoint” mode by using “BelowValue”, but I can’t figure out what “Equals” maps to.

So I guess my question is, is there a place where these mappings are documented, or alternatively, does anyone know what I need to set the mode to for it to map to “Equals”?

These are all documented in the user manual

I literally just search for “belowvalue”