Setting up Alarm Masking

Sorry if this is already a thing with a different name but what I am trying to accomplish is having an alarm that when active will suppress other (not all) alarms. The goal of this being that if I emit an alarm that a gateway device is down, I can suppress any alarms from those devices behind the gateway as they are going to try and emit their own alarms. Is this a feature that exists in some form?


You can bind an alarm’s enabled property for this to disable alarms based on a condition

You can do this. We have it setup in a UDT. The enable bit of the alarms in the UDT is bound to a Boolean tag that represents if the device is active or now.

I have found it easier to filter in the PLC. I do not allow/set the alarm based on conditions that I can control in PLC code/tags. Just my two pennies.


Definitely the better option! Plc should control all logic, including alarm suppression based on conditions


Cheers for the insights, seems like ignition has a pretty good community.