Setting up chart with dynamic "Tag history" troubles

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Version: 7.6.0 (b1875)

Purpose: I have many tanks that have batching data such as temperature and level that I wish to trend. In the interest of efficiency I wish to have one chart with dynamic trend pens that get their “indirection” value loaded on page load (eventually via a nav button).

Method: So far I have created a chart, and via the dataset for the chart selected a “Tag history” data binding. I have dragged a desired historical tag from the “Available Historical Tags” list to the “Selected Historical Tags” list, replaced the dynamic number with the usual {1} indirection. Under the “Property Path” in the indirection window I have added the required root.container custom property, hit OK and it all works.

Problem: When adding an additional tag to the “Selected Historical Tags” list via the same method as the first tag:

it works fine UNTIL I add the {1} to the new tag, at which point on pressing “OK” to accept the changes I get a Java error popup and the chart no longer works.


Am I going about this the right way? I have done this alot in other SCADA packages so I’m going off that experience, however I am still a green Ignition user.

Advice would be appreciated.

Thanks :prayer:

Mathew Kent.

I have found the possible cause of this problem:

Observation: The tag I was trying to add to the chart was a renamed tag done prior to this exercise due to a rookie mistake XML import :scratch: where I did not increment a line number in the tag. I then corrected this via a one by one rename in the ignition Tag Browser.

It is this renamed tag that is giving me the trouble.

Remedy: I created a new tag with the name of the tag prior to the above rename and then promptly deleted the tag. I then went back to my chart and added the tag with {1} indirection and it works fine.
I also note that all the erroneous tags that came in with the XML import still exist in the “Available Historical Tags” list.


Mathew Kent

I’m glad you’ve worked around it. I think that perhaps in addition to whatever naming problems you had, you may have run into something else that has been reported, with the XML import bringing integer tags in as strings.

Anyhow, the easiest way to get rid of the incorrect tags in the list is to track them down and delete them in the database, in the “sqlth_te” table. A little inconvenient, I know, but that’s about the only way. If you’re not quite sure, you can just mark the retired column with the current time… if you accidentally get some tags that are still in use, they’ll just new entries, and all of the data, old and new, will be linked together.