Setting Up Identity Provider Roles

With our system, we are using an Active Directory for our Roles and Users.

So I set up the Active Directory in the Users, Roles section and I am able to pull in the Users and Roles.

However, when I look at the “manage users” and look at the list of users, it brings in the roles of the users as shown below:

Which this looks odd and doesn’t look “right”. The roles that this user is supposed to have is “Admin”, “Arcola”, “Tuscola”, and “West Prairie”. I see them in the text with the text “CN=” behind it.

So I test it and it says I don’t have access to the screens with the corresponding roles which means there is obviously something wrong.

I have no knowledge on Active Directories so any help on this would be appreciated. Is there a setting I forgot to add while setting up the Active Directory in Ignition?