Setting Up Ignition Edge


Where can I find more information on how to set up my Ignition Edge system to act as a fallback when the connection the Ignition Central Gateway is lost.

During a fallback scenario I would like the local Edge client to be able to communicate with the local PLC and continue to store data and forward that data to the Central Gateway when the connection is restored.

Essentially I would to create an Ignition Network as described in the picture below.

Hi @luis.duarte, the manual is your new best friend :laughing:

Here is the information relating to Edge.

Here is the information on Store & Forward.

You will need to specifically look at Edge Sync Services for the functionality you are describing.

Hope this is enough to get you started. Set it up on the bench and have a play :slight_smile:

Regarding local fallback, here is the section in the user manual that describes how to configure this:

Essentially, you just enable local fallback on the edge Gateway, then when you start a client to your main central gateway and then lose connection to it, your local Edge gateway will then take over and start up.
Note: if the main gateway connection comes back up, the client won’t automatically redirect to the main gateway project; you will need to redirect back to this project yourself, for example in a client timer script that check the connection periodically

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