Setting up individual alarm notifications by user

Researching/looking into the feasibility of setting up an ignition vision application to have alarm notifications customizable by user. If possible users would be able to view a list of configured alarms in the current application and select whether they want to receive alarm notifications for that specific alarm.

My first thought is to have a script that runs and creates or updates an SQL database table with all current tags that have an alarm configured. I noticed the unique Tag id that gets assigned to each tag in ignition and was thinking this would be perfect to have a column in the table that this id gets copied into to help identify each alarm tag. Then either each user would have their own database table with all the alarm tags and a column that signifies if they want to be notified if that alarm occurs or not. Or just have 1 database table with all alarm tags and a column added for each user and whether they want to receive the notification for that alarm or not.

It seemed like I would be able to do a database query in a calculated alarm notification pipeline, and look up that alarm in the database table and find out which users to send the alarm notification out to, whether that would be a separate table for each user or a single table.

Does this sound feasible? I’ve been reading through the 8.1 user manual at the scripting functions trying to see if its possible to comb through all the tags in an application, find the tags with an alarm configured, and copy the tags unique tag id into an SQL table.


You have sparked my interest. What unique tag ID are you referring to?

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When you click on a tag to edit, on the right plane there is a diagnostics tab that shows Tag id.

Gotcha. That would be my first question, how to retrieve that ID. I don’t know how to do it and if it’s possible. But I’m curious as I need to do something similar.

It does look like it is not possible to grab the tag ID, but I did hear there is a feature request for this. Using the tag name doesn’t appear to be the best idea, so not sure right now how to best handle what you want to do. I’m looking to do something similar, so if I find a good way I will update this thread.

We are now looking into adding a custom property to the tag as a dataset so we can have a column for the username and exclusion/escalation selection. Possibly only creating the custom property via script when a user first selects to be excluded from that alarm notification, subsequent users will get added to the existing dataset. Running into some issues with that.

Consider just using the document type containing a list of users.

To the tag or the alarm? If the tag, just remember a tag can have many alarms. If the alarm, keep in mind that if you try and edit this property via a script the entire alarm will be overridden.