Setting up users and passwords for perspective views in 8.1

I'm new to ignition. I've just downloaded Maker edition and created a perspective view that is displaying some values in a PLC via the Modbus driver. So far so good. I forwarded ports on my router and now I have access to this page via the web. I would simply like to create some usernames/passwords and specify who has access to what components on the view. I see where to do this in the view using security levels, but back in the gateway I don't see how to set usernames and passwords for these security levels. I've watched all the videos on identity providers and security levels but there must be something I am missing. So far the only username and password I know about is the one that was created when installing the software. Can you point me to another resource please?

Oy! Turn that off until after you have both security in place, and SSL working.

You add users to a user source in the gateway web interface. You can then create group names and place users in groups according to the access you wish to allow. You can then associate security levels with specific groups. All of this is in the gateway web interface.

When you have all of your security levels created in the gateway, you can then attach levels to various parts of your project, in the Designer.

No worries, I have SSL enabled, but just to be careful I already disabled port forwarding in the router temporarily. Plus it was on a Linux Mint box that only has Ignition installed.

I'll try and ask it in another way because that just restated what I've already heard. Where do I create other user(s) and associated password(s) that can be assigned to one of those groups in Perspective? I think I see how to do it in Vision just not perspective. I have not found a place to assign a password to another user. I thought users/roles were limited to Vision and Perspective security had to be handled through identity providers, or do you actually use both in Perspective? I'm pretty sure there is not a video that details this either, but I've been wrong before:) Thanks for the input.

Ignition's default setup for Perspective security is a local identity provider that runs off of the default user source. If you didn't change that, then Perspective and Vision are sharing the user list in the default provider. (Edit these right on the gateway. Config => Security => Users, Roles.)

I created a role named operator under Users=>Roles. After doing so I switch back to Designer and right click View=>Permissions but that Role does not show up. When I go back to the Gateway under Security Levels and create a new security level called Operators, this security level now appears as a selection in the Designer View=>Permissions. How do I assign the Operator role to the Operators security level. I think this is the crux of the question and where my disconnect lies.