Settings for connecting to Siemens S7 1200 / 1500


I found this guide on how to configure Siemens TIA portal to connect to siemens S7 1200/1500 PLC’s: … nd-s7-1500

It reads:

  1. Only global DBs can be accessed
  2. The optimized block access must be turned off
  3. The access level must be “full” and the “connection mechanism” must allow GET/PUT
  4. No read/write to TM/CT areas

I have no idea what this does to me. Can anyone tell me what this means in practical terms?
Does this limit me in some way in my use of TIA portal? Or the communication between Ignition and the PLCs?

Does anyone have any other useful comments/notes from experience with connecting Ignition to S7 1500?


If you don’t set/consider everything, what’s said in this guide, then you can’t connect with Ignition to the S71200/1500.

This is necessary because of the ‘new security’ features in TIA portal. :laughing:

In ‘practical terms’: it doesn’t affect your work with TIA portal. Don’t worry… :thumb_left:

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