Settings for slow Ignition to PLC comms

I’m looking to see what I can do about slow PLC comms to an Ignition gateway, as the Ignition clients are seeing red overlays (f(x)) flash cyclically around the pages, indicating to me that Ignition is trying to read too much data at once from the PLCs and they’re struggling to keep up. The PLCs in question are using either of the Allen Bradley drivers, where in once instance the slow comms is caused by a slow comms link (over VPN), and the other is just an old and slow PLCs that is overburdoned (due for replacement).

Are there any settings that I can change to stop Ignition from polling these too quickly and producing the red overlays? Will simply extending the OPC scan times help? Or will it still occur due to the number of tags being polled as well?

On testing changing the OPC scan time, this seems to have resolved it. Wondering if there’s anything else I could look at as well?