Setup Gateway Network Settings not working

I have two VM’s, one with version 7.9.13 and another one with version 8.0.14. Each one has its own gateway. I am attempting to create a gateway network to link the two together. I can ping the VM’s from the other one. I can access the two gateways from each other, well I can access both on version 8.014 gateway but only the local gateway on version 7.9.13 gateway (thinking thats due to versions). I have tried setting up a new outgoing connection from both gateways using the IP address of the other one. I have also tried using port 8088 (no SSL needed) and also port 8060 (SSL needed) and every time these connections try to connect they return with a faulted state. Am I missing something? Could the version differences be the case why it won’t connect?