Several Ignition tags exposed to KepserverEX

I’m aware I can turn on “Expose Tag Providers” in the gateway setup. But, this is an all or nothing.

I was wondering if there is a way to do this without exposing all tags? I really don’t need access to the entire tag database.

If the only the way to do this is “Expose Tag Providers”, will the Gateway need to re-initialize upon saving? We are in a production environment and can’t just restart the gateway.

Thank you.

Unfortunately it is all or nothing right now, and it does require a gateway restart.

Maybe you can share tags another way, like creating a UDT in a ControlLogix and reading/writing to the tags from both Ignition and Kepware.

I was trying not to duplicate a bunch of tags because they already exist in Ignition. I want to pass them to an OPC client. The KepServer client - channel isn’t physically connected (networked) to a couple of the PLC’s data is needed from, but Ignition is.

I’ll have to go the “Expose Tag Providers” and enable it when I can restart the Gateway.

Thank you.

Unless Kepware is running on the same machine as the Ignition gateway it will also be important to make sure the OPC UA server’s Endpoint Address setting is set correctly to the IP address of the machine and not localhost. If you have to change it, you’ll want to do it at the same time as you enable exposed tags because it requires a restart as well.

If the relevant tags in Ignition are coming from Ignition’s own OPC drivers, then they are already available (as OPC items) to other OPC clients. You may not need to expose your tag providers.