Several unwanted windows are opening on startup

My project has 6 windows, two of which are marked to open when the client launches: ‘Header’ and ‘Main Menu’.

When I launch the project, three additional windows are also opened: ‘Orders’, ‘Donations’, and ‘Partners’.

None of these are marked to open at startup, and I don’t have any navigation on the Main Menu or Header that should be launching them unless a button is pressed. Do you have any suggestions for where I should look to see what might be causing them to open? Perhaps some debugging tools that would enable me to see which window or component made the call to open the window?

Thank you for your help.

check your client startup scripts??

My startup scripts are blank, for both the client and the gateway.

Temporarily turn off the auto-start windows – that should make the app start with a blank screen. If not, then some event script is doing it.

If the extra windows cease when the others are stopped, then some script in one of those windows is responsible. In that case, turn just one back on to see which is responsible (or partly responsible).

As far as I know, there’s no debug information that’ll tell you what opened a window. You could get close to that yourself if you added console print statements everywhere you have an openWindow() or swapWindow() call.

That’s a great idea, thank you! I’ll give that a shot when I have a chance.