Severe Error on Startup

Does anyone know what this is and/or how it can be fixed?

09:02:38 SEVERE: [0116/090238.009:ERROR:browser_process_stub.cpp(279)] NOT IMPLEMENTED

Sounds like trying to use the web browser module on an unsupported platform. Or a v8 designer on a platform without Chrome support. Hard to tell given the lack of background information.

Running Windows 10 Enterprise, version 1803. Chrome is my default browser, version 79.0.3945.117. It is obviously open when I launch the server page. The ignition overview says Ignition version 8.0.6, Java version 11.0.4+11-LTS. The about java control panel says version 8, update 231.

What other background information may I give you?

What are you trying to launch? The designer? Where did you get the log message, and what worked or didn’t work after that?

I had launched both the designer and the client. The log message came from the tools > console.

As for what didn’t work, I am not really sure. This is my first experience with the platform. I am trying to follow along with the university classes. Some of the dialog are different from the examples. I had figured most of the classes were recorded with Ignition V7.

It looks like you’ve been able to create some views/load Perspective, so I would say it’s mostly not something to worry about.
We’re in the process of upgrading the backing library that provides an embedded browser in the designer from v6 -> v7, which will hopefully resolve a lot of the sporadic browser loading issues. If you haven’t noticed anything wrong, though, it’s probably basically harmless.

OK, the word SEVERE just looked like something that needs to be looked in. Thanks.

Yeah, the library’s logging is pretty…alarmist, I guess I’ll say.