SFC for Batch Engine

Is that possible to use the sequence function chart module as batch engine like Wonderware Inbatch?
The essential problem is there will be several instance of one chart running at the same time ?
And those instance should run in the background.

I have used SFC for batch functions. In my case, an operator initiates a sequence for a specific equipment or cell. I use scripting to create a new instance and associate that instance to the equipment. Inductive U. has a good tutorial on how to do this.

Let’s be clear, Ignition has nothing in-terms of a true batch system engine (which I hope changes some day). Comparing SFCs in Ignition to a system like Wondware InBatch is a very long stretch. InBatch offers procedural recipe management,at the runtime level, allowing the end users to create and modify batch recipes however they so choose (assuming they are competent to do so). It is the brain while the PLC is the brawn.

Ignition SFC charts are fixed sequences, can only be changed in the designer and offer no methods of procedural recipe management, yes scripting opens up a whole world of possibilities which I have explored, not an off-the-shelf solution. I was excited when SFC charts were first released, then wondered why I would ever use them, if I really wanted SFC I’d just keep it in the PLC.

If everything is a ‘fixed’ sequence and nothing will change, heybales post is probably all you need. I just wanted to make sure we all understand that SFC != ISA-88


#Thanks for the answers