SFC OnStart doesn't appear to be running

Greetings - I am using the trial version of ignition to test, so I'm pretty new at this. I've got a 3 SFC's: Startup, IOMaster and Port. Currently they are very basic, just a test and see if this will work. My goal is this: Startup SFC gets a list of tags from '[default]Sensors' and for each start an IOMaster SFC passing in the "name". IOmaster will then foreach the tags under it starting an SFC for each port it has, which will run the appropriate logic for that port. My problem is this - If I run the code I have in my Startup -> onStart in the Script console, it correctly parses the tags and starts the IOMaster SFC with the correct id's. If I click Start on the Startup SFC it never launches the IOMaster SFC's, it's almost as if the onStart function isn't running. Looking for tips, tricks, or issues with my setup. Below is a quick description of my Startup SFC, and the onStart() function. Each SFC is set as callable.

Thanks in advance - Rob

Startup SFC is a simple loop: Begin, transition = true, action (empty), loop back to beginning. In the On Start event script I have the following:
(I don't know how to properly post code snippets, so I'll jsut say this - the code is indented with one tab on each line after def onStart, and an additional tab in the for loop"

"def onStart(chart):
tags = system.tag.browse('[default]Sensors', {})

for tag in tags:
id = tag["name"]
system.sfc.startChart("IOMaster", {'iomaster_id':id})


Replying to my own thread - I figured it out. Examples I saw just used the chart path and excluded the project name. I tried it with the added project name and it worked.

system.sfc.startChart("Brewery_Controller","IOMaster", {'iomaster_id':id})

Did the trick!