SFC Parameter Default Value Not Saving As Expected

I’ve been working with the SFC module lately. I believe I have found some form of bug. If I modify a chart parameter’s default value and save the project the value does not get committed. If I start a new chart the parameter is not changed. If I close the SFC and reopen the parameter did not save. I’ve developed a means of saving which is to ctrl+s open an action step ctrl+s close the SFC, open another SFC ctrl+s then open the SFC I’m working on and the parameter’s default value will have changed to the newly assigned value.

What version of Ignition is this?
There’s a bug with SFC editing/saving that’s fixed in 8.1.11 (not necessarily what you’re encountering, but possibly); 8.1.11 is due sometime in October.

We’re on 8.1.10. Also the saving issue is not repeatable. Sometimes it saves just fine, but it’s rare. I’ve also witnessed a bug that does not allow you to “return to design view” and I must close the SFC tab for that chart. Thanks for the attention!

Was this issue resolved? I experienced it today in version 8.1.19

I'm encountering this issue on version 8.1.25.

Tried the above work around > No joy.
Tried restarting SFC module > No joy.

Currently using this workaround to edit default values on SFC parameters:

  • Delete SFC parameter
  • Create new SFC parameter and set a new default value.

This bug was recently fixed for 8.1.37. The issue was with making changes to chart parameters, such as renames or default values. Adding or removing parameters would save correctly.

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