SFC Parameter Default Value Not Saving As Expected

I’ve been working with the SFC module lately. I believe I have found some form of bug. If I modify a chart parameter’s default value and save the project the value does not get committed. If I start a new chart the parameter is not changed. If I close the SFC and reopen the parameter did not save. I’ve developed a means of saving which is to ctrl+s open an action step ctrl+s close the SFC, open another SFC ctrl+s then open the SFC I’m working on and the parameter’s default value will have changed to the newly assigned value.

What version of Ignition is this?
There’s a bug with SFC editing/saving that’s fixed in 8.1.11 (not necessarily what you’re encountering, but possibly); 8.1.11 is due sometime in October.

We’re on 8.1.10. Also the saving issue is not repeatable. Sometimes it saves just fine, but it’s rare. I’ve also witnessed a bug that does not allow you to “return to design view” and I must close the SFC tab for that chart. Thanks for the attention!

Was this issue resolved? I experienced it today in version 8.1.19