SFC Stopping State linger time

When an SFC encounters its End it enters the “Stopping” state and remains in that state for 10 seconds. Is there a way to shorten or eliminate that period of time?

Turns out this is configurable via a system property named ignition.sfc.statusremovaldelay.

You can add -Dignition.sfc.statusremovaldelay=0 to ignition.conf in the additional parameters section to set it to 0.

Thanks for the quick reply. I added the line at the end of the Ignition.conf file just as it is shown “-Dignition.sfc.statusremovaldelay=0” and no change in the linger after restarting the Ignition Gateway service?

Not at the end, there’s a section with a comment “Java Additional Parameters”.

You’d choose the next available number and the full line would something like:


Works great. Thanks again.