SFC Stuck in Cancelling


Has anyone encountered their SFCs getting stuck in the Cancelling step?

Unfortunately, I don’t know the circumstances on how it gets there. When monitoring these instances, active and historical steps do not get highlighted, so I can’t figure out where it glitched out. After a few days of use, I return to see multiple instances of the SFC stuck in cancelling. The only way to clear these is to restart the SFC module.

This doesn’t really affect the client window, but it is annoying to see lots of SFC instances pile up.


What version are you running?

7.9.1. But this was also happening on previous versions (I forgot which).

I haven’t heard of this issue for 7.9.1 and I don’t see any outstanding tickets. You might want to contact support so they can either find something in your set up or open a bug ticket so we can fix it.

and it does not matter whether you re-start the gateway, or even re-install Ignition.
They just won’t go away
and it’s more than just nuisance value. I need a maximum of ONE instance of the chart running at any one time, but of course I can’t check number running because Cancelling charts count as running.
So my project is in limbo, and we’re supposed to be going live this week !!!


I’m still going to suggest contacting support on this.

I spoke with support and they helped stop the SFCs by deleting them, stopping SFC module, re-importing SFCs then restarting the SFC module.
This looks like a bug but sorry I don’t know circumstances of occurrence, so unable to reproduce

Simply restarting module does not help, nor does re-installing Ignition.

I needed to uninstall & reinstall Ig to fix it

An interesting aside, calling : system.sfc.getRunningCharts() returned the ‘phantom’ charts even though they didn’t show in designer. This proved problematic as I need to run one only instance of the chart, and calling getRunningCharts() didn’t help.