SFC Transition Expression Reference

I've created a python class that I I've called criteria. It has two properties, HighLimit and LowLimit. I was able to create a chart scoped parameter with this class, but I'm not able to reference the underlying properties. The transition that I tried was {runningTime} > {criteria.HighLimit}. Am I missing something syntax-wise or is it not possible to do this?

As in, you just wrote that into a transition block? I don't think that will work. I think you'll have to use scripting (directly or indirectly) to use your custom class. You might be able to use runScript and pass in criteria as a parameter, though?

Yes, I put that directly into the transition expression. My other thought was to use the function I've created in the class (evaluatePassFail) which returns a boolean in the step S1 to set a chart scoped variable and base the transition on that variable (since it seems to handle non-Object items perfectly fine).