SFCs in Perspective

Is there any way to view and use SFCs in Perspective projects ?
Like the vision component but in Perspective?


Vote for the idea to add SFC Monitor to Perspective.


Hi @mperkins,
Any Updates on this one?
I know we can use system.sfc.getVariables(), to get detail of the SFC chart (like Action and Transition node status and chart parameters value), and simply create a mimic to show the Chart and bind those values to show chart state. Especially right now that perspective has pipe drawing tools.
But this doubles the work of engineering (one in SFC designer and one in perspective), and I have to poll system.sfc.getVariables() periodically instead of event base binding which is also very uneffittient.

I’m not personally involved in this effort, but from the looks of it it is in the very early stages of design and planning. It’s on our radar, but I wouldn’t expect it to be released soon.

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