Shape alignements

is there really a way to align two shapes on there left edge (in my case a rectangle and a Multi-State Indicator)? You can try either with guide lines or Alignement->Align Left or with grid snaps or even with arrow keys: any way you do, the shapes are not actually aligned.
If you zoom 2000% you also understand why: the two shapes do not extend right to their borders (I mean the slashed lines with handlers), but they stop randomly some pixels before or after - please see next screenshot:

Any suggestion?

I don’t understand why your shapes don’t extend to their borders. Fixing that might be the best option. Do they have large transparent borders? Are these rectangles or filled paths? If they are paths why not use rectangles?

Other than that you could select both shapes and press the “Align two or more components’ centerpoints vertically” button. If the visible part of both shapes are centered within their borders and are the same width then that should do the trick.

Hi JGJhonson, I don’t understand either! I did no customization on those shapes appearance.
Just try the following:

  1. place a very simple Rectangle on your page, fill it with Black and then zoom do 2000%: you will see what follows

  2. place a multi-state indicator on your pace: at 2000% zoom you will see

  3. place a NumericLabel on your page: at 2000% zoom you will see:

    As you can see by doing just no customization, no control/shape has a correct definition of their borders. And that is the reason you have no way to get a correct alignement. Moreover try the following: when at 2000% zoom try to drag your shape or component. You will see that the bounding border will not follow your gesture: sometimes it comes after you, sometimes before you.
    This is rather annoying if you need precise page design!

I was able to replicate this, thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Sorry for bringing up an old thread but I seem to be having the exact same issue in 8.1.1. Is there a fix or workaround for this?

I’m not sure I understand the actual issue here. It seems to me the issue is just in the calculation/drawing of the selection rectangle at high zoom levels - not the alignment of the actual shapes. Alignment seems to work fine for me.