Shape drawing tools missing?

Hello, am I being very dim or are the shape drawing tools missing from Maker Edition?

I have some toggle buttons that need to occasionally disappear, however once visibility is set to 0 I can't bring them back so I would like a transparent rectangle... but I cant find the shape tools anywhere!


Maker is perspective only and as such does not have drawing tools like vision does, if you have used vision previously.

Your only option right at this minute is to use an external SVG editor e.g. InkScape to create your drawings and import them.

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There is however a pipe tool, you can perhaps make something from that.

You really have two issues, one the drawing tools which @Matrix_Engineering responded to, and two, your issue with component visibility. You need to fix the issue with component visibility, overlaying a shape isn't a good solution. Why exactly are you setting visibility on a component based on that components value? That seems weird to me.

Perhaps describe your use case and users on this forum can help with a better solution.

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Yeah that's of no use, and I can't draw a completely transparent SVG for obvious reasons. And I have already researched changing opacity / transparency and that seems to not be a thing here.

I think I'm at a dead end here. Oh well.

I appreciate the reply and ideas.

I know it's a bad solution however for instance I have a background pre drawn of a HMI screen with everything (say buttons toggles, data display areas and such) with all buttons "set" to off. Then on clicks I can make them "on" by having an on SVG appear over the top.

The issue is that when an object is no longer visible you can no longer interact with it. The shape overlay would be the equivalent of a hotspot, interactive hotspots are fairy standard right?

Dirty fix for me is use use a lot of SVGs with fill-opacity="0.0"

That sounds like a solution from the 90s to be honest :grimacing:
Why not just use proper components?

Perspective drawing editor is being actively developed... looked impressive so far when I saw it this week.


Is there any expected date for beta release ?

It's a huge effort, right now Q4 is the estimate. No idea how accurate that will be.

If you come to ICC in September and ask Perkins nicely he might show you a demo :stuck_out_tongue: