Perspective Drawing Editor in 8.3 not in 8.1?

Some of the features coming in 8.3, like the fervently awaited Perspective Drawing Editor,
got a shout-out during the Q&A portion of the session,
exemplifying how crucial the community/developer feedback loop is to making Ignition systems what they are today.

Does it mean that the Perspective Drawing Editor will not be included in 8.1 ?


:eyes: This would be news to a lot of us. We're getting clarification now because the crew working on that content is operating under the expectation of delivering the feature for 8.1.XX. Stay tuned.

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Yeah... that would make me sad... Unless 8.1 licenses will upgrade automagically to 8.3 to get this feature. (Doubt it).

We have no intention on waiting for 8.3 to introduce the Drawing Editor. It will become available as soon as we believe it is ready.


The author of that recap has updated it to no longer declare 8.3 as the release version of the Drawing Editor. As Yousuf said, we plan on getting it out to you as soon as it's ready - and we have every expectation that this means 8.1.XX.


Also worth mentioning is that the current 8.1.22 nightly includes many improvements to importing and converting SVG's into Perspective Drawing components, with greater support for gradients, filters, and style elements. We added a new "convert to drawing" function was to the right click menu in the Designer for selected SVG based components including Cylindrical Tank, Icon, etc.

The source of these improvements are from the work being done on the Perspective Drawing Editor. We just found that it would be desirable to introduce these improvements early, and not wait for the Drawing Editor.


In ICC 2023 they once again indicated that "Native drawing tools in Perspective" is to be expected in Ignition v8.3. Was there a change to the plan of rolling that out in v8.1?


Unfortunately, we did recently have to make the decision to delay the Drawing Editor until 8.3. We did have every intention of getting it into 8.1, but the effort has proven to be larger than we had anticipated. Additionally, with 8.1 rapidly approaching maintenance updates only (for LTS), 8.3 will be the only version receiving new features by the time we now anticipate the Drawing Editor will be ready.

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Will the version go from 8.1 to 8.3? No 8.2?

Correct. That was announced at ICC in 2022.

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