Shape Group Rotation Issues

Hey guys,

I was playing with the shape tools today and I made a gear shape, grouped it and then assigned the groups angle property to a timer that counts to 360 to simulate rotation with this code:

if event.propertyName == "value": event.source.parent.getComponent('Gear').angleDegrees = event.source.value

If I go to preview mode in the designer it works great, the gear group rotates and it looks really nice. However, if I publish the project and look at it in the client the gear rotates but also moves to the left, deforms and ends up as a 1 pixel x 1 pixel dot as if being sucking into a black hole or something. It’s actually pretty neat but not really what I want :stuck_out_tongue: Can someone else replicate this behavior?

I wasn’t able to reproduce this. What version of Ignition are you running? Could you maybe put the group on a window, export it and then attach it to a post so I can see exactly what your group looks like? Also, you can just do a property binding on the group’s angle property, binding it to the timer’s value as opposed to doing it through scripting.

I’m running Ignition version 7.3.0(b460), I tried changing it to just binding the angle property to the timer value and it does the same thing. I duplicated the window and deleted most of the stuff off of it, the gear animation is at the bottom of the page.

I’ll try and get some screen shots or something so you can see what it’s doing, it’s weird that it works fine in the designer but not in the client.
GearWindow.vwin (18.4 KB)

I imported your window and the rotation works fine for me in both the designer and the client. I am running the newest beta but there haven’t been any changes made to the rotation of objects between 7.3.0 and the newest beta version.

I did find out that if you try and re-position an object while it is rotating the center of the object/group does not move from its original location and can lead to some funny behavior. However, just importing your window, saving and publishing the project, then launching a client does not result in the gear behaving in an unexpected manner. You may have to call in to support so we can take a look at the issue via an online meeting.

I can call in to support a little later. In the mean time I took a video (on my phone) of what it’s doing. The first part is it working in the designer and then I switch to the client and you’ll see what happens.

Edit: Change the file extension to .3gp to view with quicktime.
2011-10-19_13-54-19_163.vwin (1.45 MB)

I also found that it only happens if there are other moving objects on the screen. When the gear is rotating by itself then it’s fine but if there are other things moving on the screen then it starts freaking out.

I was finally able to mock this up here and one of the developers is currently taking a look to see what the problem could be. I’ll post back when I get an update.

Thanks for reporting this one - it’s been fixed for 7.3.2.

Awesome, thanks! I made another page with multiple rotating svg groups and that one freaked out too so I’ll be looking forward to the next release! Haha.