Shape inside table cell

Hi, How can I put a shape/object inside a table cell?

do you mean an image? if so you just have to build the translation list in the table customizer.

1 = path/to/image1
2 = path/to/image2

No a shape, like maybe a circle, but not an image.

I dont believe you will be able to do anything like that without using images.

We just announced a new way to do this in 7.7! Keep on the lookout for more info soon.


I’m still dreaming with the advance that I saw in the community conference about the 7.7 features :open_mouth:

I know this is an old post but I’m trying to put an image into a table cell. I have tried both translation list and image list and i cant for the life of me get the image to show. I have a Boolean value that I’m trying to show one image for 0 and another for 1. I’m using version 7.6.3, thanks

The translation list has to match exactly. Try casting your boolean to an integer so 0 and 1 are the real values. Otherwise I believe you need to use “True” and “False”.

I’m not sure i understand how they both have to match, the image list and the translation list need to be identical? How about the list and path column, do those come into play in any way? Thanks

Your Key value must match exactly with the value in the table for the matching Image Path to be used. If you have a translation list that has images for values of 1.2, 1.21, and 1.3, then every value of 1.22 will show a 1.22 instead of some image.

Thanks, so I have setup an Image Path List, the key s are True and False going to images. I tried with and without quotes just to see if it had any effect. Its still not working, is there something else I need to change? Thanks

Try casting your boolean to an integer so 0 and 1 are the values in the table.

that worked, thanks