Shape with Conditional Fill not Evaluating at Runtime

I have a complicated report with quite a few shapes that might require filling based on evaluation from a Named Query. Preview in the Report Designer works and prints as expected with all shapes evaluating correctly. However, during run-time, the report consistently prints out with absolutely none of the shapes being filled in (at a minimum one shape will be filled on every single run).
In the shape, I have the fill property set to something similar to: named_query.location==“somelocation”?1:0
That is to say, if the location value from the named query evaluates correctly to “somelocation” then the box will fill; if the location value from the named query does not evaluate to “somelocation” then the shape will remain empty.
I should re-emphasize that this works in the Report Designer and prints as expected. It is a run-time issue that I am trying to track down in 8.1.4.
Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.