Share real time values to another server

Is there a way to live stream real time values to another non ignition server.
Another department wants to see real time values in their format.
I’ve found the
dataSet = system.tag.readBlocking(tagpaths)
csv = system.dataset.toCSV(dataSet), data=csv)
Which means from their server they have to have a browser login and hit a button.

For historical data I thought I could just add a database connection and have Ignition write a copy of the historical data to their mysql database on their server.
Any ideas, thanks in advance

There’s a standard for this. It is called OPC/UA. Lots of software, including various open-source software, can connect to Ignition’s OPC server to receive real-time values.

There are various approaches to this apart from OPC UA as mentioned by Phil. It all depends upon what you want to do in the non ignition server. For example you can use scripting functions like if your other server has an end point to post data into. Alternatively you can use WebDev module to read and write data from and to Ignition from another browser if you just want to read the display data in your own HTML page in a web browser. You can also set up a TCP/IP connection to ignition from your external application to read write real time data. Do you want only real time values to be displayed or even the historical data as well?

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Thanks this is very helpful.
The customer just wants real time data for now.
Historical it seems just to setup another database connection and make a second tag to write to that database on another server.

Let us know if you need any help

Thank you for this solution